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NYSW 2023

New York Swim Week is a multi-event and fashion show showcasing Global Swimwear Designers.  NYSW 2023 is traveling to the world of swimwear in Paradise Island

NYSW 2022 Designers

Origin of Oceans

Origin Of Oceans essentially means the origin of life. Which I choose to embrace and celebrate everyday. The good, the bad, and the amazing. The earth formed over 4 billion years ago from a mix of comets bringing hydrogen, and the earth already being composed of volcanic rock encompassing H2O, which is the first sign of life that we know of scientifically. And as our knowledge has grown of the importance of the oceans and ocean life to the survival of our planet, even more this meaning of origin of life resonates with me. 

My mission in my swim line is not only to create beautiful swimwear that is of the highest quality and a reliable source for amazing fit and style, but is to create awareness and support the efforts to clean our oceans and beaches to help save, heal, and preserve the life that gives us life. 

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Haitian Doll

Haitian Doll swimwear is to share her own sense of style, uniqueness, and luxury in the world. Her latest collection is also designed to make women feel glamorous and sexy.


Jo Bella has held a passion for all things fashion and beauty related. Today, the dynamic entrepreneur translates her love for clothes and makeup into her own collections of both swimwear and cosmetics. And next, her fans and followers will enjoy discovering even more fine cosmetic products that Jo Bella is now creating and bringing soon to market.


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Divine Feminine Intimates 

Divine Feminine Intimates goal is to make recycling sexy. We are a small sustainable brand inspired by the female figure and all things Retro.


Founder Hannah Myers prioritizes making women feel empowered in their own skin while always incorporating sustainability and innovative thinking. She is responsible for all aspects of the brand from design, to marketing, to photography, packaging, website building and so much more.

Divine Feminine Intimates_edited.jpg
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Trusso Swim

All suits are made ethically and sustainably in Colombia. TRUSSO SWIM is for the women that want to turn heads and make an entrance. We take into consideration that each body is different, therefore, each suit is interchangeable so you can choose which pieces you want to go together! and even better they can transform from the beach to nightlife- you're in control with TRUSSO SWIM! 

Trusso Swim
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Playasol first began as an inspiration while on a beach in a magical place in South America. Bringing a variety of unique and limited edition pieces using embroidery, stone, and beading each piece is sure to bring elegance and beauty.

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Our concept is simple, without any artifices, it interpretates Nature and femininity into a single curved line.
We celebrate woman’s essence, by loving their universe, proposing a subtle chemistry between art  and natural life. We are inspired by Nature's hidden beauties and all expressions of art.
Each jewel is realised in a Barcelonian workshop, nurtured in a close professional relationship, creating a wonderful «hand in hand» colaboration. We believe in traditional and sustainable trades, in craftspeople values, and we want them to last forever.

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Undressed is a new generation of swimwear & resort wear created in New York to make every woman, of any body type, feel confident, stylish and glamorous.

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Upcycled leather accessories hand-stitched by artisan refugee women | made in Brazil, worldwide shipping

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Cocora Swim

Cocora Swim create Haute Couture Swimwear , versatile and unique pieces designed to last.

All our fabrics are the best quality Lycra Power and go through a Pre-Wash process, that way.


Cocora Swim can guarantee the color will stay the same.

All our swimwear is made by artisans, using old traditional ways by hand.

All our creation and production process is located in Colombia, the place where we work from the heart.

Cocora Swim.png
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Katrina Vrakas

Founder Katrina Vrakas recalls fond memories of listening to her mother educate and sell diamonds from the kitchen table of her family home when she was a child. She grew up in a family full of jewelers and entrepreneurs. It dates back to her great grandfather who was a goldsmith and watchmaker, to her grandfather who was in diamond sourcing, to her parents who own a jewelry store, and finally to her older brother who sells rare vintage watches. With an extensive history in the jewelry industry paired with an entrepreneurial spirit, Katrina launched her own jewelry brand in 2018. Katrina is driven to bring both quality and innovative pieces to market, in addition to custom one of one pieces that allow her to connect with her clients on a more personal level.

katrina Vrakas
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Evita is a swimwear company that creates a vacation in a swimsuit of elegance and beauty. This brand is a one-way ticket to make your fantasy world become a reality of luxury”.


At Evita store we are proud to announce the exclusive experience for all women. This brand is for women who are born in the wrong era and with a fantasy of the luxury lifestyle. We offer an experience they deserve as hard working women in need of a vacation.

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Rose Mae Turner (“Rosie”) is a sustainable swimwear designer and textile artist based in NYC. She's the founder of Rosina~Mae, which takes you "from the beach, to the street, to the party." Edgy swimwear and textile art that's ethically produced in the USA, Rosina~Mae has unique silhouettes and fabrics. Every collection consists of pieces that easily mix and match. Many pieces are functional and can be worn in more than one way. With each new collection produced, Rosina~Mae improves upon the textiles used while reducing the impact on the planet. In addition to being ethically produced, each piece has a sustainable feature. Rosina~Mae swimsuits feature color-blocking, patchwork, fabric weaving, and chainmail techniques. The line consists of fabrics such as Carvico and also remnants from discarded textiles that Rose has obtained from local textile recycling facility, FabScrap. Saving the scraps from landfill and creating swimwear with an artistic flair is what Rosina~Mae is all about.

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Making it’s 2022 NYSW debut, CULTURE CABANA reveals timeless, bold styles that accentuate the human figure. This unique collection was designed and manufactured in the heart of New York City’s historic garment district. With his emphasis on stand out color, daring cuts and sexy minimalism, Designer Peter Daniel invites you to join the vibrant lifestyle that is CULTURE CABANA.

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Wu-Sah is an eco-sustainable fashion brand using recycled fabrics from ECONYL yarns (manufactured exclusively from regenerated raw materials such as ocean waste) or American REPREVE. Aside from fabrics, they make all of their prints using eco-ink. They use paper hygiene liners instead of plastic, the packaging is 100% biodegradable, and they have a number of other options that can be used to truly make a difference in our environment.


Wü-sah is anchored in the following values: mental health, alignment, sustainability, and freedom of expression. Wü-sah premiered its first eco-sustainable collection inspired by Biophilia during NYFW 22 and will be showcasing the second half of its collection in July, and will be showcasing the second half of its collection in July, during New York Swim Week. The runway show will encompass the beauty of the world and its diversity, and the importance of its preservation.


The founder and designer of Wü- sah Svetlana Chernienko has much experience as a human rights activist and mental health advocate, as she is passionate about the topics. She can have demonstrate her passion through her creative talent.She can have demonstrate her passion through her creative talent.

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Elizabeth and co.

Experts in Gold & Diamond fine jewelry. Explore our collections of diamond necklaces, diamond rings and gold bracelets.


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Fusha Designs mission statement is “To offer comfort and luxurious fashion inspired by  Caribbean colors for women and men across the world!.”

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