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NYSW 2024 


Introducing New York Swim Week, a dynamic multi-event extravaganza and premier fashion showcase dedicated to highlighting the creativity of Global Swimwear Designers. As a pioneering force in the swimwear industry, New York Swim Week serves as the official platform for discovering the latest trends and exploring the innovation of swimwear. is the official platform to staying informed about upcoming shows and setting the stage for the evolution of swimwear on a global scale.

NYSW 2023 Designers

Origin of Oceans

Origin Of Oceans essentially means the origin of life. Which I choose to embrace and celebrate everyday. 

My mission in my swim line is not only to create beautiful swimwear that is of the highest quality and a reliable source for amazing fit and style, but is to create awareness and support the efforts to clean our oceans and beaches to help save, heal, and preserve the life that gives us life. 

Origin of Oceans
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Pushing boundaries in the swimwear industry, Vasaro intertwines scientific precision, luxury, and an appreciation of the female form. With a patent-pending Deep-V Back design and cinch waist technology, this pioneering brand designs swimwear that highlights natural curves, eradicates the undesirable "diaper butt" effect, and guarantees a comfortable and secure fit.

Committed to spearheading global fashion trends, Vasaro encourages women to revel in their inherent beauty, reinforcing the belief that elegance and comfort can coexist seamlessly. As a Harvard-educated scientist, Founder and Designer Armani Sadeghi is dedicated to empowering women through fashion that not only embraces but enhances their natural allure.

Vasaro Red Signature Monogram Print Bikini.JPG
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HCM is a handmade swimwear label with designs that are timeless silhouettes, crafted to be your go-to swimwear that you can rely on in every situation. HCM swim gives the essence of femininity, with a concentration on comfortability. Every stitch is sewn with care & love. Currently all swimwear is designed & handmade in NY by the owner Hannah Muller. 

Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 10.35.54 PM.png
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Culture Cabana

CULTURE CABANA reveals timeless, bold styles that accentuate the human figure. All collections have been designed and manufactured in the heart of New York City’s historic garment district. With its emphasis on standout color, daring cuts and sexy minimalism. Designer Peter Daniel invites you to join the vibrant lifestyle that is CULTURE CABANA.

Culture Cabana.png
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MLC Designs

MLC Swimwear's "Life is a Paradise " collection. Marta is an NYC and Miami-based artist, climate change and mental health activist, and fashion designer who wanted to make a big change in the swimwear world. MLC Swimwear is dedicated to all people, no matter their size, color, age, or sex. MLC Swimwear has something for everyone! MLC's mission is to make everyone feel great in their bodies wearing their swimsuits. MLCswimwear is eco-friendly -Sustainable swimwear that has a huge impact on the environmental fashion industry. Think of the long-term benefits. Choose quality over quantity. Benefits of sustainable swimwear: improved air quality. Less waste in landfills. Reduction of water pollution.

MLC Designs.png
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Haus of Blvck

Founded by New York City- native, Denise Lyons our luxe bikinis collections are designed to fit every woman.

Haus Of Blvck Swimwear is known for its vintage, classic designs, immaculate fit, soft-to-touch feel and enduring quality - all of which are the brands top priorities.

An essential mode of achieving this is ensuring their designs are based off timeless pieces they know will compliment and flatter the female form.

We strive to offer designs that empower women to feel sexy and confident while making a statement pool/beach side.

We follow the latest fashion trends and take our inspiration from the catwalks to produce designs that we know you will love.

The typical Haus Of Blvck doll is Confident, Sexy, and Unapologetic Woman, who knows what she wants out of life.

haus of blck
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Gi's Bikinis, your ultimate source for stylish and sustainable swimwear. We prioritize fashion and sustainability in every aspect of our brand, from materials to manufacturing. Our bikinis are meticulously handmade in Brazil using recycled nylon, embodying our commitment to the environment.


Each piece is thoughtfully crafted By Kevin Muso and Karol Kozi Kozielec to combine fashion-forward aesthetics with functionality. From vibrant patterns and bold prints to classic and timeless cuts, the swimwear is designed to empower women and make them feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

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Biwa Beads

A fresh take on classic pearls, BIWA embodies the beauty of eternal summer. Sturdy enough for sun-drenched beach days and stylish enough for adventures after-dark, BIWA pieces will be the ones you never take off. Using signature freshwater pearls, 14k gold-filled accents, and ocean-resistant materials, BIWA pieces are made to endure a life well lived.


With roots in Rockaway Beach, NYC’s surf break, BIWA was born when founder Rachel Bryant  wanted jewelry that could take her from the surf to the city’s nightlife, effortlessly. As every freshwater pearl is one-of-a-kind, each piece is perfectly imperfect and no two pieces are exactly alike. Each BIWA piece is handcrafted exclusively by Rachel from her studio in NYC.

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FIDE grew out of a lifelong love of self-expression through fashion and a dream of sharing that passion with others. I'm staying true to that dream  and encouraging others to stay true to their own.

I love putting outfits together. It's hard creative work, but it's also just tons of fun, especially seeing a design come to fruition. 

FIDE itself comes from Latin: it means loyalty, it means staying true. Loyalty is my cardinal rule. It's my hope that sticking with my dream, and doing what I love, will inspire others to do the same. Loyalty is everything.

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Mirame is a collection of swimwear that seamlessly slips into a woman’s wardrobe. Classic glamour and modern shapes harmonize to create fresh looks that have timeless appeal. Whether you are at the beach, or out on the town, Mirame swimsuits live up to their name, which translates to "Look at Me." Mirame Founder Melinda Huff is a third generation craftsperson and first generation American. Her design sense is a mix of European minimalism and Latin flare. Melinda has been designing since her teenage years, and adopted a love of bathing suits when she moved from New York to Hawaii at 19. Melinda attended FIT and worked with several amazing designers including Norma Kamali before launching Mirame in 2011. Mirame swimwear had been featured in Vogue, Forbes and other notable media outlets. The brand has also been featured on the Real Housewives franchise, a NY Lottery commercial, and a TV pilot with Andy Hilfiger. Mirame swimwear is made of upcycled fabrics in New York City.

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Shift Radio Ft. Pink Melon

SHIFT RADIO brings you the most beautiful models, exotic destinations, and hottest designer swimwear together into a unique music video experience. We created an eye-candy lineup of exclusive music videos that is unforgettable to the eye and a pleasure to your ears. SHIFT RADIO...TURN IT ON. Available only at


SHIFT RADIO is proud to present its experience at New York Swim Week 2023 featuring Pink Melon Swimwear. 


Pink Melon is a luxury swimwear with a modern twist. The designer, Sandra Santana, originally from Cuba, uses her passion for the ocean as inspiration for her sexy swimwear designs that appeal to the everyday girl who wants to stand out in every crowd. The brand is a classy and definitely sexy line for different types of women who are feeling themselves and want to reveal some skin without being completely naked.  Sandra seeks to inspire women to wear what they want, what they like, and not play into what society thinks they should wear.   

shift radio featuring pink melon
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Megan Mae

@meganmaestevens Who is Megan Mae? She's our passionate Founder, Designer and Creative Director at Megan Mae Miami.

As a swimwear model herself, Megan has worn countless bikinis. She knows the proper fit and characteristics of a high-quality swimsuit.

This is exactly why Megan started her own brand - to utilize her expertise and creative passion to design your new favorite luxury bikini. The perfect pieces for salty beach days and unforgettable pool parties. 

Ultimately, Megan wants to build a community of incredible women who aren't afraid to go after everything they want in life. Every collection is designed to make you  feel confident and sexy from the inside - out!

We're excited about what's to come! Follow to ride the wave with Megan Mae Miami

Megan Mae.png
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INDY is a women-led, affordable, fashion-forward eyewear brand based in Brooklyn, NY. Designer and founder, Indie McFarlane, had a huge passion for sunglasses, which lead Indie to launching INDY from her bedroom floor, using her pay checks from her bar jobs to invest into INDY. Indie has always said how confident sunglasses make her feel, so she wanted to share that confidence with others through her own designs.

INDY (a play on her name) quickly became well known for its vintage-inspired affordable eyewear with modern twists, including colorful transparent lenses, exaggerated shapes and snappy wording on frames. The brand has been seen in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Nylon, Vice, Popsugar, WWD, among others and has been worn by celebs fans including Bella Hadid, Alicia Keys, Alix Earle, Bretman Rock, and more.

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Sunlight Lover

Kelsey Kay is a Fashion Designer from the Midwest. She always dreamt of the 'California dream' After moving to California for college at FIDM and spending many weekends on the beach, she was inspired to create her own resort wear line to capture the colorful lifestyle of the West Coast beach communities. She is a 3rd generation seamstress who loves to be hands on with every step of the process. Sewing, pattern making, finishing and perfecting the fit of every garment. Previously, featured on the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week. She is currently living in Las Vegas building her own clothing line Sunlight Lover. Focusing on handmade clothing made in the USA.

Sunlight Lover.png
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Evita is a swimwear company that creates a vacation in a swimsuit of elegance and beauty. This brand is a one-way ticket to make your fantasy world become a reality of luxury”.


At Evita store we are proud to announce the exclusive experience for all women. This brand is for women who are born in the wrong era and with a fantasy of the luxury lifestyle. We offer an experience they deserve as hard working women in need of a vacation.

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Rose Mae Turner (“Rosie”) is a sustainable swimwear designer and textile artist based in NYC. She's the founder of Rosina~Mae, which takes you "from the beach, to the street, to the party." Edgy swimwear and textile art that's ethically produced in the USA, Rosina~Mae has unique silhouettes and fabrics. Every collection consists of pieces that easily mix and match. Many pieces are functional and can be worn in more than one way. With each new collection produced, Rosina~Mae improves upon the textiles used while reducing the impact on the planet. In addition to being ethically produced, each piece has a sustainable feature. Rosina~Mae swimsuits feature color-blocking, patchwork, fabric weaving, and chainmail techniques. The line consists of fabrics such as Carvico and also remnants from discarded textiles that Rose has obtained from local textile recycling facility, FabScrap. Saving the scraps from landfill and creating swimwear with an artistic flair is what Rosina~Mae is all about.

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Kliq Collection

“Kliq Collection was launched in 2022 by native Guyanese founder Keane Cadogan.

 Keane describes the brand as the place to shop when it is time to move the girls strip from the group chat to Mexico or the baecation from the mood board to Bali.

 Her First collection NOIR is an all-black, sleek, sultry collection serving a range of styles from moderate to sexy swimsuits.”

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As one of the swimwear industry's most promising emerging designers, Bernard Moore creates unique, high-quality swimwear looks for specialty boutiques, select online retail outlets, and a growing list of international and celebrity clients.

Working with high-profile personalities like hip-hop mogul 50 Cent, actress and entrepreneur Lisa Raye, mega-producer Sean Diddy Combs, and rapper/actor T.I., this eminently talented designer made his name at the place where music meets fashion. As such, Bernard Moore has been featured on B.E.T.’s Rip the Runway, an MTV Music Awards commercial, on the covers of many national and international glamour magazines, and featured in several commercial print ads, national swimwear calendars, and in many hip-hop and R&B music videos. 


Bernard says the secret of his success has been the combination of a relentless work ethic, a commitment to excellence throughout the design and apparel construction process, and distinctive design style, all of which have positioned this swimwear designer's work to make a high-fashion splash that reverberates all over the world.

Elaina Christina - Maxim Online (2) (1).jpg
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Elizabeth and co.

Experts in Gold & Diamond fine jewelry. Explore our collections of diamond necklaces, diamond rings and gold bracelets.


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PVB The Label is a sustainable swimwear brand founded by Paige Beuning in New York City. We are a brand that truly cares about the environment and we believe in creating swimwear that is not only stylish and comfortable but also eco-friendly.

At PVB The Label, we are committed to using sustainable materials that are ethically sourced. We also incorporate sustainable practices in our production processes to minimize our carbon footprint. Our swimwear is comfortable, stylish, and versatile, making it perfect for any occasion.

But we are much more than just a sustainable swimwear brand. We are a community of like-minded women who love to have fun and enjoy life. We believe in living life to the fullest and embracing every moment. That's why we love to bring women together through our swimwear.

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